Aerobics for weight loss is a complex of fast rhythmic exercises that help strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, get rid of excess weight, strengthen muscles, develop endurance and plasticity. This type of fitness is great for women and girls who want to look great and have good health.
There are many types of aerobics for weight loss, the following are popular in Moscow:
• Aerobics with predominant use of dance movements (dance). It contributes to effective weight loss, strengthens all skeletal muscles, develops a beautiful posture, trains the cardiorespiratory system;
• A set of exercises using special step platforms is called step aerobics. This type of fitness contributes to the formation of a beautiful body relief and well burns excess body fat;
• Strength training on simulators form a type of power aerobics, which is aimed at increasing muscle mass and getting rid of extra pounds;
• A set of exercises in water is called aqua aerobics. This type of aerobic exercise eliminates spinal problems, relieves tension in the joints and helps to improve the shape. This sport has no contraindications;
• Reggaeton is a type of dance aerobics that not only helps to bring the figure closer to the ideal, but also develops flexibility and flexibility.
To explain why aerobics is effective for losing weight, look at the features, exercise. During classes, perform fast rhythmic exercises that combine with proper breathing (fast deep breath and slow long exhalation) stimulate the flow of oxygen to working muscles, which leads to fat burning.

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