Video selection of funny moments in the sport.

Jokes about sport

I heard that yesterday we lost again? – In what kind of sport? – In football. – Our people know how to win only in elections.

You know, Anya, when I watch football – I forget about everything. – My name is Marina.

– Imagine, I live only by taking care of my husband. I do not allow him to drink, smoke, and protect his health. In order not to be nervous in vain, again for his health, I do not give watch boxing, football, hockey. – Do not let anywhere to stay, so as not to bring down the diet. And I also watch for food, so as not to spoil the stomach: – Nothing fried, salted, pickled, smoked, spicy, spicy. Well, everything, everything for him. And this brute, instead of gratitude, wants to divorce me.

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