Sports aerobics
Sports and aerobics for adults combines the program, training the above types of load, but at the expense of a reasonable layout of the exercises, it is often used in human labor. This program is often used to rehabilitate athletes after injuries or in aerospace medicine to improve the physical condition of workers. Sports aerobics is only an auxiliary element of training athletes, which is designed to improve the accuracy of the hands, coordination of movements, hone the reaction and endurance.
No matter what type of aerobics you choose, the main thing is not to forget that systematic training is very important here. If you are a beginner, then naturally you don’t need to rush immediately “into the pool with your head” and go to the gym 5 times a week. You must learn how to rationally, assess the capabilities of your body and distribute the load wisely. Start better with 2 workouts per week, gradually increasing their number. Also, not least is the ability to breathe correctly, because if the load is aerobic, then to achieve the desired results, you need to provide the body with enough oxygen. So make sure you take deep breaths and never hold your breath.

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