Sport aerobics is a full sport, designed for endurance, concentration and coordination. This is a fairly high-intensity complex that requires a lot of training to achieve the result, so this kind of load is hardly suitable for beginners. For example, to take part in competitions in sports aerobics, the age of the contestant must be at least 18 years old. After all, only by this time the heart will get stronger so that it can withstand the required load (measurements, participants’ heart rate show that the number of beats per minute is in the range from 185 to 190). Therefore, sports aerobics in Moscow is a sport that gymnasts and acrobats, who have completed their careers or athletes who trained in coordination, often go to. But such complexity is justified, because even if you are not going to practice in skill with athletes from different parts of the world, the passion for sports aerobics has several advantages:
• helps to gain healthy and deep sleep;
• increases the body’s ability to work for a long time without a break;
• reduces the risk of diabetes;
• improves the condition of the skin by improving blood circulation;
• increases the production of endorphins, respectively, makes you happier;
• makes muscles elastic and strong.

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