Sometimes the size does not really matter, the fascinating video

Jokes about sport

Brunette – blonde: – Girls, let’s go to football – “Locomotive” – ​​”Zenith”! – No! A locomotive can not play with a camera!

People: – I draw well – I’m a professional sportsman – And I’m just a beautiful and sociable person I: – And I know how to breathe

On jumping from the springboard: – If a wind blows in the face of an athlete, it is very bad. – Of course. This means that the athlete flies backwards.

They say that Yanukovych treasurer Yura Yenakievsky is going to buy from FC Surkis Dynamo Kyiv football club. – In this regard Dynamo ultras are preparing a new speech: – Thank the residents of Yenakiyevo, neither pidaras nor kunak will buy us!

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