Jokes, goals and failures in hockey, positive video

Jokes about sport
– Misha – but let’s go see me football! – Let’s go to! Only I need to tell my mother that I’m with you … – Hello, Mom – I’m with you.

How to make the female audience watch football? It is necessary to remove the players from cowards.

They say that the players of the Ukrainian national team after the performance at Euro-02012 went up by $ 15 million. – Inflation, however.

Once 11 cunning young people who did not know how to play football came up with every possible way to travel to Europe every 4 years in summer …
In the morning the husband returns home and explains with his wife: “Understand, my dear. First, my friends and I went to drink beer. “Oh, my superman!” – the wife answers. – And then we went to watch football. “Oh, my superman!” “And then we had supper.” “Oh, my superman!” The husband could not resist: – Why do you always call me superman? – Because only supermen wear pants on pants.

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