Funny girl in a basketball ring

Funny girl in a basketball ring.
And I play basketball,
I so love it.
I on the platform as in fight,
I as on fire burn.
About my basketball,
Be always with me.
You are loved by me,
God you mine and judge.

People over the earth fly up
Also pull hands up.
Who is closer to god during this instant
It will give that success.
About my basketball,
God you – I am your hero.
To you I fly,
Pleasure and my pain.

I under a board, I on a board,
In hands not a sword, but ball.
Ring as nimbus over the head,
We are angels udach.
About my basketball,
I will get to Heaven yours.
I pray to you,
My life for you.
On motive of a song of “Lubeh”.

My ball, fly, do not miss the mark.
I have a spirit today.
I caught game for a thread,
Allow to me children a discount,
I will show the surroundings.
At me today spirit.
I will hammer the blind person today.
Eh, children do not yawn,
Give a pass to me more often,
Ball I from a point will kill any.
And I will throw from the line
3-point I.
Poperla color to me,
Children, lucky.
The ball burns down a palm,
Asks for a grid.
Slightly I will concern also it
Itself will be abandoned.
Give only in hands to me a ball,
You are a defender, only do not cry.
To me today the card rolls,
I cannot tell: “Will be enough”.
Time is lucky, it is necessary to play.
I have a whim today,
Flew into a passion, caught spirit.
Oh, children, oh, children,
Do not trample down my heels,
Do not knit hands,
I am angry.
At me today hard drinking
Basketball this game.
I have a face today,
I hit into a ring, but not on a muzzle.
Well, and to you children of a penalty area.
Close eyes to me,
I will throw pure.
I am quiet,
There is no movement superfluous.
More densely you hold,
It is only necessary to me that.
Let ball round,
But it has handles.
What you cut more rigidly with,
That I am surer.
The ring will be that yours
Ball, “street, lamp”, attack,
Ring and board and dim light.
Also children do not disperse,
It is not possible to live without victories.
The rhythm returns a ball elastic,
And heart fights in unison.
Squeeze the globe red hands
Planets fantastic, as dream.
On that planet everything is beautiful,
There everyone found happiness.
There it is so hazardous, so playful,
That planet – Basketball.
Planets of that on the celestial map
You will not find, but: “Hurrah!”.
It is the most wonderful on light,
It is not a black hole.
Having violated Galaxies laws
And Earth attraction,
There stars shine stadiums,
For admiration from game.
There life boils, passions rage there.
There for despondency there are no reasons.
And “were divided ruthlessly”
There all on “women and men”.
And that planet light wonderful
Will fill souls with kindness.
There are fair laws,
And won there, live.
“Night, street, lamp”, attack,
Ring and board and dim light.
But children do not disperse,
It is not possible to live without victories.

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