Dance aerobics
Aerobics is a specific course of action that the group performs together with a trainer incendiary music. Presented several styles of this trend, today we look at one of them.

Dance aerobics for weight loss refers to cardio-training and effectively burns calories, the work of the cardiovascular system is always in one rhythm, which allows not to get tired quickly and increase the efficiency of performance. It is very important to work with the whole body, connect both arms and legs at the same time. Such physical activity works out the coordination of movements, improves memory and develops plasticity. Results from regular workouts will not take long. If you exercise for about an hour, then on average about 500-600 calories go. In addition to burning calories, you train your heart and increase endurance of the body, which ensures slimness and longevity. Types of directions:
• Zumba aerobics will improve your posture, the duration of the dance is about an hour and it consists of 3 parts.
• Belly dancing will make the waistline more elegant and feminine. One lesson takes about an hour and will require a special belt on the hips, for improvement, the amplitude of movements. Suitable for a person with any level of training.
• Fitness aerobics is considered to be quite an intense load and to perform it requires a high level of training.
• Latina aerobics contributes to the development of a sense of rhythm. At the core lies the work of the hips, while the back and the body remain motionless, waving their arms add clarity to the movements.
• Reggeton – includes movements with movement and various jumps and shakes.
Dance aerobics for weight loss will help you get the figure of your dreams and allow you to perfectly move to any music.

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