Dance aerobics for beginners
Dance aerobics for beginners will teach you to perform basic exercises under a certain rhythm. Classes are a set of bundles that are performed on 4-8 accounts for energetic music. This dance activity does not require large investments of money, because it is enough to buy comfortable shoes and sports form.
You can do at home on video lessons and with a coach in group classes. If you train at home, you need to prepare in advance a place in the apartment to perform amplitude movements, Internet access and a positive mood. Upon request, you can purchase additional equipment, such as dumbbells or a step platform. Not be superfluous to a full-length mirror. Exercise at a moderate pace for yourself and get the various muscle groups to work. Exercise on an empty stomach is not worth it, refresh yourself an hour before workouts. Although aerobics for weight loss, but do not need to starve yourself.
Group classes are usually held in women’s fitness clubs and gather in the hall from 10 or more people. It does not require the purchase of additional equipment, your task is only to come and carefully monitor what the coach says.
Dance aerobics for beginners has in its arsenal a large number of dance steps, they are based on jumps, turns, which are performed on 4 or 8 accounts (bars). Exercises alternate with each other, forming a dance.
Consider the health problems in which to do is not recommended:
• problems of the cardiovascular system;
• high or low blood pressure;
• varicose veins;
• injuries to the head or the musculoskeletal system as a whole;
• exacerbation of allergies;
• cold or other acute respiratory viral infections.
This type of exercise is great for those who plan to look slim and fit for a long time.

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