Classical aerobics of the 80s, which exercises are suitable for almost all people, also has contraindications.
You can not deal with the ailments: stomach pain, headache, body temperature is high. Those who have anomalies of leg development, had any fracture less than a year ago, or some of the joints were replaced with an artificial one, you should consult with a doctor before starting classes. Sufferers of epilepsy, heart failure, diabetes mellitus or other serious chronic diseases should also be consulted with a physician.
Classical aerobics can be practiced at home or in the fitness center, the exercises in it are simple and accessible to everyone. To start classes, no special equipment or physical training is required.
Aerobics 80-90s, gif video
Many of us still remember how in the 80s-90s of the last century, aerobics was popular, gathering millions of people in front of television sets. Housewives tried to repeat the movement for the tucked up girls on the screen, and the men simply admired slender female figures.

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