Bewitching ass, a video of good mood

Shakira is a talented Colombian singer with an unusual timbre of voice, knowledge of several languages, besides IQ owner, equal to 140. At the same time, most fans love her for the incendiary dances and beautiful ass. A grandmother with Middle Eastern roots taught Shakira to her belly dance, and the singer created elastic buttocks herself, actively engaged in fitness, yoga, dancing and power exercises. Looking at the appetizing forms of Shakira (parameters 87-62-94 cm with a height of 157 cm and weight of 49 kg), you involuntarily start to think about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition
Jane Selter
Maybe the name of this American woman will not tell you anything, but her astonishing priest will tell the story of a girl who was once seriously involved in the perfection of her body. Today, a photo of Jane Selter can be seen on the covers of magazines, and she herself is the leading fitness instructor in the country, a well-known fashion model and advertises sportswear from leading brands. Its profile in the instagram has almost 12 million subscribers, among which you can find such participants of our rating as Beyoncé and Rihanna. The parameters of the phytonaceae are 91-58-91 cm.
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