Young pretty girls 1

Young pretty girls 2

Young pretty girls 3

Young pretty girls.
At your feet I kneel
 And I ask the Lord of love …
No. Not love, but only touch,
That something was singing on the left breast.
What else do I ask of God?
That was well ahead of all?
That there was always a straight road?
That was a lot of happiness and health?
I ask the Lord of Love …

Have you always been inspired poets,
  Writers, actors and minds.
  Pushkin would not write verses without you,
  And we have not heard used Lermontov stanzas!
  And with you the best moments
 Experienced in life we!
  You beauty throughout the incarnation,
  Hope, faith, goodness!

Today is a holiday dear
 I would like to confess I’m in love:
  I love you dear!
  Can I bring a sacrifice:
  Myself, my favorite things,
  His life, everything that is around me
 and I do not mind. After all, I know,
  the main thing is not to lose you!

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