Women in bed 1

Women in bed 2

Women in bed 3

Women in bed
We too often comes to mind thought: my God, and it is for life ?!

Do not dream of a marriage only married women.

Luxury woman – is the background against which any man miserable.

In the men’s nature – loving only himself. The prerogative of the woman – love another person more than yourself. Because, perhaps, that we have children, and you – no. From this, all our differences and contradictions.

Nothing has to man as the ability to communicate with children.

Nothing hurts like the indifference of a man, a woman crying. Man should realize that the tears – it’s not a trick, a cataclysm, world catastrophe: exploded volcanoes, all the rivers burst their banks, and it is necessary to immediately stop them by any means

Do not blame women for the illogical actions. They do not have to understand, they need to admire.

The man who is thinking about the impression he makes on women, often do not make any impression.

Among men, there is a common misconception: it seems to you that the more you do the novels, the more you are welcome to us. Believe me, not every woman likes to consumer goods

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