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Why do people make tattoos? Psychological aspect In modern society, the tattoo has ceased to be considered only an attribute of asocial elements who have visited or stayed in places not so distant. Those who are older consider it a fashionable “moron” of young people, and those who are younger are considered a way to stand out from the crowd or “be in the trend.” In general, anyway, the reputation of the tattoo has not become better.

Tattoo is known since ancient times. She carried important information about a person – belonging to a tribe, position in society. In some cultures, at different times, for example, in the Middle Ages in Europe, the tattoo was considered impermissible. And now the tattoo is one of the types of visual art. With the invention of the electric tattoo machine, the tattoo became available to many, almost at every step there are tattoo parlors or single tattoo masters offering to get a “tattoo” relatively quickly and inexpensively. Although this process is not so pleasant. Then why are so many who decide on this step? What purpose is pursued?

The most obvious version is that the tattoo is a decoration. The desire to beautify yourself is inherent in man since time immemorial, and tattoo is an excellent tool for this. Indeed, unlike clothing, jewelry and makeup, she always and forever with you. And it will help to stand out among others, and draw attention to yourself, and express your “I”. We will not now talk about tattoos, “walking” in the criminal world, where it serves as a proof of belief, status, etc. There is a difference between tattoos and tattoos. I wish the tattoo was associated with a work of art. Remember, as in the film with Louis de Funes, “Tattooed”, where Major Legrand had on his back a drawing of the great Modigliani.

For many, tattooing is an important and thoughtful step that coincides with a certain period in life. Often they define a certain past period and the beginning of a new phase. After all, such a bold decision as a tattoo helps to feel the power for other vital, turning decisions.

By putting this or that picture on his body, a person influences his destiny by means of symbols, colors and the deep meaning inherent in them. Tattoo can be a kind of amulet, which is always with you and on you. Indeed, since ancient times, magical meaning has been put into the tattoo, it has a special energy that influences the character of the owner. A few more words ardent opponents of tattooing. In response to the fact that it is unnatural, remember, especially women, about cosmetics, false nails and eyelashes, etc. “Tattoo for a lifetime!” – but isn’t daily makeup like that? In addition, the tattoo can be reduced, corrected or make a full cover-up, that is, block a new one. This can also answer the phrases “how will it look in old age?”, “And if you get better, and it will blur?”, Or the most popular “and what if the tattoo gets tired?”. If a tattoo is thought out, made qualitatively, artistically, does it become an integral part of it for a person, and how can she get bored?

The tattoo gives the wearer a sense of security. And for some, this is an attempt to overcome the inferiority complex. Many use tattoos for cosmetic purposes: hide scars and other problem areas of the body

And of course, a tattoo is a challenge to society, because, after all, most people have a negative, judgmental attitude towards tattoos and people who have them. So be completely confident in your desire to get a tattoo and do not commit rash acts.

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