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Vietnamese models.
Women in Vietnam
The Vietnamese women often marry foreigners. The Vietnamese men seldom marry foreigners. The main reason in such state of affairs is banal. Vietnamese are the undersized nation. To take the foreigner in the wife the little Vietnamese – it is normal. To the Vietnamese man to find the female foreigner who is lower than him – it is very difficult. Even in the neighboring countries of Southeast Asia and in China average height is higher, than in Vietnam.

Woman and society
Under the constitution of SRV, the man and woman have the equal rights. Traditions and way allocate for the Vietnamese woman still subordinated situation. A situation on stay percent on senior positions in Vietnam women approximately same as in Russia. Most of women works. The percent of participation of women on hard physical work umeshatsya.

Appearance of the Vietnamese women
Vietnamese are considered as one of the most beautiful nations on Earth. The Vietnamese girls take part every year in various beauty contests, and current, 2008th year the competition “Miss Universe-2008” takes place in June-July in Vietnam, in the resort of Nha Trang.

With age appearance of the Vietnamese women changes a little if, of course, there are no big problems with health or occupations by hard physical work. In Vietnam stout persons, and stout women – still seldom meet less than men.

In July, 2008 the cosmetic concern Dove held in Vietnam a photo exhibition “10 000 Beauties before 9 a. m.” (“10 000 beauties to 9 o’clock in the morning”). On it 10 thousand photos of the Vietnamese women who photographed itself in the morning when on a face there are no cosmetics and traces from the cares leaning during the day demonstrrovatsya. The photo can look here.

The Vietnamese girls go abroad
It is a lot of young women and girls marry foreigners and go abroad. Girls often go to the countries of East Asia through marriage agencies, and even through swindlers. In China, South Korea, on Taiwan there are not enough brides therefore the Vietnamese girls leave, first of all, there. On Taiwan in the present about 200 thousand women live. It is a lot of them in other neighboring countries, and also, in the Czech Republic. Happens that in flight from poverty by a marriage for the foreigner many girls get to sexual slavery. Recently the Vietnamese brides are brought to Malaysia and exposed on display in cafe that future grooms could see “goods” the person, without being shipped outward. Families of girls receive from marriage agencies for the daughters $5000 – $10000 depending on beauty of future bride.

The Internet added features for acquaintances to foreigners. Young women in the village of An Bang, located in 40 km from the ancient capital of Vietnam, Hue, almost absolutely wish to marry foreigners. They meet men from other countries on the Internet and much manage to achieve the dream. As a result, in this village the female population disappears in the eyes.

During the period of the Vietnamese war about 20 thousand American servicemen married Vietnamese and took away them in the USA. Besides, then at many women illegitimate children from Americans were born. After withdrawal of army of the USA from Vietnam it was necessary to these women hardly. However the American authorities issued to them visas many emigrated to the USA. Others ran to neighboring countries. One of works of art on the Vietnamese war and the post-war period, the musical “Ms. Saigon”, is based on a similar plot and most dramatized.
However, say that received many data on the American military units of Vyetkong (The national front of release of Youzhny of Vietnam) from the Vietnamese women who were on friendly terms with Americans.

Ratio of floors
In the last 10 years in Vietnam there was an imbalance of floors. Boys of preschool age in various provinces are 20-25% more than girls. It happened because of prenatal sex determination and abortions. When after ultrasonic research in clinic the married couple learns that they will have a daughter, often make the decision on abortion. Also “leakage” of brides abroad brings in an imbalance.
Prenatal regulation of a floor does harm to society and women. Level of abortions in Vietnam – one of the highest in the world. On average each woman for the life has 2.5 abortions

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