Video of beautiful drawings on cars. Digital airbrushing.

A bit of technology itself. The robot applies a jet of acrylic paint thinner than a human hair at a distance of 5mm to 1cm to the object, while observing the car’s relief. There is no concept – the complexity of the picture. Standard, on the device there are 4 base colors, but with their help the machine can reproduce an unlimited number of halftones and shades! The accuracy is not lower than that of the surgical apparatus, no detail will remain outside the scope of the iron artist. Facts: – The height of the airbrush is 1.55 meters – enough to paint the train car from the bottom up. – For 1 m2 you need 15-20 ml of paint. – The speed of the drawing is 0.6 km / h. – 4 basic colors produce 16.5 million shades and semitones. – In Ukraine, airbrushing is available only in a single copy: Facts: – One airbrush costs about $ 800, and in work 3 airbrushes are usually used. – The car with aerography is stolen less often than conventional cars. – Using an airbrush, you can adjust the line thickness to less than 1 mm.
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