Victorias Secret models are considered the most beautiful women in the world, gif video
Victoria’s Secret models are considered one of the most beautiful women on Earth. But behind the beautiful bodies there is a huge work and the strictest adherence to the rules prescribed by nutritionists and trainers. Want to know what you need to go through in order to at least come close in parameters to girls from Victoria’s Secret? Read about the four-month experiment that fitness blogger Poppy Cross decided to do.
This experiment resulted in four months of very hard work. The initial requirements for all applicants for the title of “angel”: height not less than 175 cm, waist size – not more than 61 cm. This, in fact, ends all genetics and hard work begins, because, as Victoria’s Secret creative director Sophia Neofitu says Apostle (Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou), “they must be like Olympians – always at the peak of their form.”

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