Victoria's Secret coach of angels revealed the beauty secrets of top models, gif videos
How to take care of one of the most beautiful girls in the world
New York coach Justin Gulban, who works with Victoria’s Secret brand and helps to be in shape Irina Shayk, Carly Kloss and others, believes that cardiovascular training and nutrition, preferably a Paleolithic diet, are the key to success. “85% of success is what you eat,” Gelban said. The Paleolithic diet is based on a combination of high fat concentrations and low carbohydrate levels. The set of products is obvious: it is meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and no dairy products, alcohol or cereals. At the same time, Justin categorically does not accept all current detox programs. One of the models, his clients, practiced the juice diet without telling Gelban about it, which created some difficulties.
“She even scored a little, and I was in trouble … If you practice yoga and are determined to quit heavy food, drink juice – not bad, normal. But other systems are important for models, it’s important to keep in mind that food is a pledge of energy, ”says Justin.
The specialist offers Victoria’s Secret to cardio-training, he is confident that every 45 minutes in this mode keeps the body in good shape and reduces stress. In addition, cardio is the best option for beginners.
“Swimming, walking, cycling are easily accepted by the body, it is only later that you can, by strengthening yourself, go to yoga or Pilates,” said Gelman, adding that “if you come to me, be prepared to overcome the difficulties.”

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