On the condition of complete anonymity, the retoucher, who resigned from Victoria’s Secret Company, told about the changes to the photographs of the “angels”.
It is no secret that all photos of stars before being published in magazines or in advertising campaigns are processed. More than once or twice journalists (and we including) made selections of photos before and after photoshop. But sometimes you do not even guess that the photo was processed. A man who had worked for Victoria’s Secret as a retoucher for several years told Cosmo, on condition of anonymity, what was actually happening with photographs of models.
“For a long time, I treated this as just a job. Then subtract, add, and so on. But over time, I realized that I was participating in a terrible business. That including because of me a lot of girls around the world are making complexes with respect to their appearance. Many will become anorexic or spoil their health with endless diets, because because of me they think that the perfect body looks like this. I was terribly ashamed. I quit and I want to tell the whole truth, ”says the retoucher.

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