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Ukrainian female models.
Many Ukrainians are not able to meet men, and some just do not want and are not able to make impression on an opposite sex.
Give result of poll of 500 girls who filled in questionnaires for participation in show, to pobachennya;) on channel 1+1, says about it:

A half of girls monthly meet several guys, and another 20% – with more than five. Only every tenth interrogated declares that similar meetings at it do not happen.

Most often acquaintances to new people happen at work or study, or on the Internet – on 23%. It is obvious that the virtual world does not concede to real any more. Approximately every fifth girl meets young people on the street or in the company of friends, in cafe or night club – there is a lot of popular places for acquaintance. 17% answered that they get acquainted everywhere. Shops and gyms were the most unpopular places for acquaintances (3 and 2% respectively

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