The most beautiful and funny airbrushing on the car, a fascinating video

Very often on the streets we can see unusual cars with a picture on the hood, doors or entirely painted. This is the kind of external tuning that makes your car unique. In addition, the car with airbrushing is not so easy to steal, because it is immediately noticeable – it means that tuning by airbrush provides additional safety for your car. Aerography on cars has become particularly popular in recent years. Airbrushing method is available to all. Is it worth it, what are the advantages and disadvantages of such tuning? Let’s figure it out in order.
Let’s turn to the dictionary: aero (air) + graphy (draw) – this is drawing with an airbrush over the surface. Aerography is done by a small airbrush (airbrush). The principle of its action: the liquid paint is sprayed under the air pressure on the surface. Preliminarily, a stencil with a pattern is superimposed on this surface. As a result, a unique pattern remains on the machine.
a pleasant fascinating video viewing of the most beautiful, colorful airbrushing on cars. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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