The main purpose of getting Angel's body models is Victoria's Secret, gif video
Body: The main purpose of obtaining the body of an angel, in addition to the parameters listed above, is the percentage of body fat less than 18%. In a healthy fit woman, the percentage of body fat is between 21% and 24%, and in athletes this value is 14–20%.
Parameters Poppy Cross before the start of the experiment: waist size 66 cm, the percentage of body fat is 22%.
Personal trainer Poppy Cross at the time of the experiment Dan Roberts (Dan Roberts), who worked with VS (Victoria’s Secret) models, said that the buttocks should become hard, like concrete, the obliques should stand out so that even a cursory look caught their outlines, skinny arms should look like the hands of Gisele Bündchen (Gisele Bündchen), and have to work on the hips to make them more “clearer.” In addition, you need to reduce the percentage of body fat by a percentage, and this means serious training.

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