The girl washes the car, hyphal animation. Contact car wash.
Contact washing: It involves the mechanical removal of dirt from the surface of the car using brushes, rags, sponges, etc. Contact cleaning does not require special high-tech detergents, even a solution of ordinary hand soap or dishwashing detergent is suitable. The main high foam, to facilitate sliding, and safety for the hands and paintwork. In the contact car wash there is a high risk of damage to the paintwork, due to the mechanical action of the sponge and dirt. To avoid this, you must first wash away the main dirt using water or a high-pressure apparatus, and then apply washing foam to the car and use large-fiber textile materials for washing, it is best to use special sponges with large pores. Large pores contain dirt and abrasive particles, preventing them from contact with the paint coating. It is also necessary to frequently wash the sponge in water.

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