Self-service car wash. GIF video car wash with beautiful girls.
In Europe, self-service car wash is quite common. They represent the points where the client lowers the coin in the coin acceptor, the client takes the gun and performs car wash on his own. Typically, the washing program includes features such as applying active foam, high-pressure washing, applying liquid wax, etc. Often, visitors are encouraged to use a vacuum cleaner. Sometimes self-service car wash can operate at a small negative ambient temperature (up to -5). Non-freezing of water in the system is carried out thanks to the following solutions: a constant small outflow of water from the high-pressure gun, purging the system with compressed air after the completion of the washing cycle. However, when the ambient air and car temperatures are low, the quality of the car wash decreases dramatically. The main advantage in comparison with other types of washing is the low price of one washing cycle for the consumer.

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