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Russian girls pictures.
Many poets have written about it,
Songs, poems, even just poetry.
Russian woman called her,
And honor the gods Muse.

And how many works of the mastermind,
It has become for many poets she
She even dedicated a recognized genius,
The best words in the world.

Pushkin, Nekrasov, Blok and Yesenin
 On the lines of their embodied it,
Will write later, without doubt,
Those who can not live without it.

During the war she smelted steel,
Sowed in the field, I went to the slaughter,
And at the front of her fame spread,
The doctor, nurse, medic field.

Mothers, our pride of Russia,
I am before you in constant debt,
Having stood all the trouble and overcame
 You embodied the mother – country.

The house hostess you gold,
Do you love her husband, and like children,
Share your not so simple,
How to talk about it sometimes.

You today on difficult sites,
Drive a tram, and even taxi
We see at construction sites in orange helmets,
In the rank of Minister of the vast country

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