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Russian girls photos.
It is difficult to understand the woman
Up to the end, to a point,
It is simpler to find the island,
Ship pieces.
Marble needs to be ground
Long, patiently,
To steal heart of the woman,
As if to take fire.
On a draft to drink
From it all tenderness,
Difficult female to learn
Depth, not appearance.
It is possible to guess the phrase,
Look, having caught furtively,
It is difficult to understand the woman,
All it is the Riddle!!
To tempt with anything:
Whether gold, silks,
Only proud again
Eve before us.
To count constellations
There will not be enough life of all,
As sometimes to embrace her,
If in a white dress??…
It is necessary to breathe the Woman,
On it to pray,
Up to the end to you not to learn
To shower of the Bluebird of happiness!!

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