Portal car wash (portal). Bikini car wash, gif video
This is an automatic installation, similar to an arch that moves along the car while it is standing, and removes dirt from it. There are contact and contactless portal car washes. In contactless portal washers, rotating brushes are not used, instead high-pressure apparatuses are installed. The main advantage of portal washing is washing speed. Also lower costs for staff and water, compared with manual washing. In some portals it is possible to wash cars of various sizes – from trucks to passenger cars. Portal manufacturers are trying to improve the quality and speed of washing. For this purpose, a number of improvements and additional options have been developed: • Additional separate drying portal (speeds up the car wash cycle) • High pressure washing of the bottom • Wheel washing device (high pressure, brushes, combined) • “Breaking” side brushes that can clean hard-to-reach ones for ordinary body brushes • Threshold cleaning device (high pressure, brushes, combined) • Different brush pile materials (textiles, polyethylene foam). For example, polyethylene foam gives a slight polishing effect.

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