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pictures of asian women






Asian, tatarochka, nerus!
It was said in the eye for the eye.
I know schipyaschaya alkali,
I know the taste of acid.

And the familiar pain set on edge,
And the loss of familiar sadness,
Sedin as the share mark,
Silver lightly at his temple.

Asian! tatarochka! daughter!
I hear the joy bright hi
 Russian grandmothers in white kerchiefs,
With benches looking after me.

Do not faded in the works, and affliction,
All friends and lovers do not find it,
Charmed secret passion,
And there is hope for the best!
I’m going to collect a smile,
Chernobrov, light and easy to …
Asian, tatarochka, fish!
I – Shard mongolkogo yoke,
And the Russian daughter forever!

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