Pictures from the sand. Short show, video of smile

Drawing with sand, sand show, sand animation, sand art, sand animation – an amazing idea for the organization of the holiday – the artist paints sand on the illuminated glass. Pictures from the sand are projected onto the screen, under musical accompaniment. Sand show, drawing with sand – performance for any holiday!
Pleasant and exciting video viewing, where a talented artist draws sand on the glass. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

24 of comments to the post “Pictures from the sand. Short show, video of smile

  1. Thank you Svetlana for the sand story, which became the most vivid and emotional moment of the evening.

  2. We are very grateful for Your conducted wedding show (the bride even shed a few tears) – well done – all very original and at a high professional level – keep it up!!!

  3. I want to thank You for your statement! You made our holiday a truly colorful and emotional! Happy to start our cooperation! I want to wish you inspiration, energy, creativity, and appreciative audience!

  4. Svetlana, my husband and I want to Express my gratitude for such a marvelous performance at our wedding! It was one of the most touching and beautiful moments at our wedding! And we, and guests watched with admiration! You big umnichka! Thanks again! Wish You success and creative development

  5. Thank you very much, everything was cool. The gift was a success, everyone is excited. You are a master of your craft . I wish you continued success in your work

  6. Svetlana, I want to Express my gratitude for carried out sand show at our wedding 10.09.2016. You brought to life the exact picture of the history of our love. We even You never met, just talking on the phone and everything was painted as if You knew us from the first day we met. Svetlana – you are clever. All the guests were delighted with such a wonderful show. I want to wish You and your family good health, more friendly and polite customers, success in your hard work. Sincerely, Paul and Catherine!

  7. Very grateful to Svetlana for giving our children such a tale about their first meeting and the birth of a new young family. a very memorable and spectacular show, we recommend you book for your family and loved ones. You will not regret.

  8. Thank You, Svetlana! You gave beauty to all! you are the Master!!! You further success and more fans of Your talent! Keep it up and more and more! ))

  9. Sand show from Svetlana is really something that can be great to diversify my wedding night and deeply touch the newlyweds and their guests. Beautiful, amazing show! Filled with soft, happy moments and pleasant experiences! Svetlana gave us and our guests unforgettable moments of magic))We are very happy we chose You!The guests loved it, we loved it, THANK you for this story!

  10. I enjoyed watching what came out of Your hands and imagination… Action worthy to show it all more people )) good LUCK!!!

  11. I want to say thankyou to a very talented man and incredibly nice to the girl @s_klimentina. Thank you so much for such a touching performance! Guests could not hold back the tears),not to mention the birthday girl. I’m sure that this day the birth mother will remember for a long time!

  12. Svetlana, I would like to say thank you! How many emotions as we do, and for the guests) You were able in a few minutes to put our entire history

  13. PS Friends! If you want to surprise your loved one and make an extraordinary surprise is what you need))! Please contact: Svetlana!!!

  14. Thank You for what You do!!!!!!!!! Sand show is just a fairy tale!!!!! Good luck and success to You! The team Goretsky forestry!!!

  15. Thank You very much for the wonderful performance. And as for what came to us, having overcome such a great distance. Not everyone will agree on this, and you understood our situation))the guests were happy, many of them saw it first))success to you)

  16. Svetlana just an incredibly talented man! For an insanely short period of time could make a video masterpiece.

  17. Svetlana, thank you for a great show at the wedding of my friends Svetlana and Alexander. The newlyweds and all the guests loved it. And the music and the love story picked up very well and the movie sand is beautiful. The work You have creative and come to it You soul. Thank you and I wish You success!

  18. Once again huge to You thanks for the help! Very grateful!

  19. Good evening,Svetlana!!!Thank you so much for your work!! Our guests were in awe of the show! You success and prosperity!!! Professional growth!!

  20. Thank you very much for making our wedding unforgettable,you are good,thank you very much,everything was just great!!!!

  21. Delight, charm, admiration – words that can describe the impressions of viewed the show. Did not remain indifferent hearts on our celebration. Svetlana, thank you for your art, so touching and mentally was a picture of You the brightest moments of life. Guests are also very pleased with the master class, when anyone was able to try yourself in the role of the artist.

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