Original 3D drawings on trucks, video smiles

Aerography in the original sense (the artist paints drawing airbrush) – the pleasure is very expensive. Modern technologies offer the car pasting with vinyl films. Accordingly, new terms appeared: vinylography and teipography. At the moment, there are three ways of drawing a picture on a car: • A classic drawing of a pattern on the surface by an airbrush manually. • Drawing with a spray gun through the stencil. • Sealing the surface with a vinyl film with a finished pattern. By the way, film aerography is a great method of advertising on buses, car-deliveries, etc. In addition, the film performs additional protection of the surface from unwanted scratches or conceals any defect. The service life of the vinyl film is more than 5 years.

It is interesting! Positive drawings that promise a car protection against trouble – these are the symbols of the eastern philosophy of Feng Shui. Take an interest in the symbols of wealth, love, prosperity.

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