Masterpieces of artists on the human body. 20 ingenious Body Art of Illusions. Video mood.

19. A second look.
It is necessary to look very closely to understand that the artist Gesine Marvedel creates her masterpieces right on human bodies. Attention to detail in her works is simply phenomenal. Gezine uses the bodies of his models as part of a finished painting or as a canvas, to create something completely new. The artist believes that body art can be used for therapeutic purposes.
18. Happy Halloween. On the eve of Halloween, everyone dreams of becoming acquainted with this Japanese artist, as she is able to turn any person into the most frightening character. To create their futuristic designs, 22-year-old Hikaru Chow uses only acrylic colors and all 3D illusions are practiced by himself. 17. You are in good hands. To understand that these bananas are not drawn on paper, you need to look closely. These banana hands were created by a famous British body art artist to advertise an insurance company with the slogan “You are in good hands.” 16. Creativity as a way of life. Guido Daniel is an artist with 40 years experience and has many famous works created for commercial and advertising companies .. But in the 90s the Italian was carried away by body art and began to transform body parts into incredibly realistic objects and animals. This series of works by the artist was called “Handimals” and was a huge success all over the world. 15. Paradise of the artist. This amazing illusion was created by the artist Annie Rally and demanded a lot of patience, love and creativity. Before creating incredible body art projects, Annie worked for 10 years as a scenic artist of the BBC television channel. 14. Art has no rules. To create her inventive projects, the artist Chu-san uses only acrylic colors. The girl discovered her talent, when in the break from her studies she began to draw eyes on the back of her hand. 13. Your body is my canvas. So says Alex Mead, the creator of installations from America. She paints portraits directly on the bodies, and somehow she manages to lose the depth of the objects to create all the pictures in 2d. 12. Opening his eyes. Swedish make-up artist Sandra Holmborn turns a man’s lips into an open eye. It creates such a realistic image of the eyebrow and iris, which can drive anyone crazy. 11. Difficult to concentrate This crazy illusion has been recreated with the help of several people, but the results are always the same. It is very difficult to concentrate and understand what exactly is the painted part, and what is real. 10. No one was hurt. When creating his optical illusions, Jonathan Harris likes to attract viewers and has about 600,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Spectators love to watch the artist create his incredible 3D illusions of the hole in the person’s hand. 9. A piece of art. Probably it takes a lot of time for make-up artists to create such illusions. But such incredible works can raise the level of makeup to Halloween to a completely new level. 8. Simply face. A student of the College of Arts from South Korea, Dane Yun uses his own face as a canvas to create incredible optical illusions. Her inspiration lies in the complexity of human beings, and work on one project takes at least 12 hours. 7. Cats from the bag This beautiful tiger was created on the bodies of three models. And the most incredible thing in creating this illusion was that the models were able to sit still for a long time, while the artist was preparing their bodies for the creation of a grandiose project. 6. Night of fear. After viewing such frighteningly realistic illusions on the human body, it’s hard not to appreciate the dignity of these talented artists. 5. Wooden doll comes to life. This amazing illusion was created by the Serbian make-up artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic. The wooden doll became known all over the world and even participated in the national contest “NYX Face Awards” in the category for optical illusions. 4. Look to believe it. This is another incredible creation of Jonathan Harris. He creates his incredible super illusions quite easily and quickly. For his work and surreal video, the artist received many awards. 3. Through the Looking Glass. Oregon artist Natalie Fletcher creates her unusual illusions on men’s torsos. Some of her works look as if they are moving over the human skin, others create the impression of a deep, infinite hole. 2. Look again. At first glance this seems like a car, but if you look closely, you will see that it is created from the bodies of people. 1. It’s just an illusion. This is another illusion created by Chu-san. A small person sitting in a pocket on his stomach seems very realistic, but this is just an incredible optical illusion.
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