Low-carb diet models of Victoria's secret, gif video
Dr. Passler warns that a low-carb diet is not intended for long-term use, for it can lead to problems: nutritional deficiencies and an imbalance of normal intestinal bacteria.
As you can see, the appearance of the “angel” is only partially given at birth. All the rest is very hard work on yourself physically and psychologically. And the fact that even Victoria’s Secret models live in such a mode for only a fraction of the time (mostly before filming or a fashion show) proves once again that it’s impossible to constantly look at model photos – this is fraught with health problems and a fall in self-esteem below the baseboard.
Better stick to a balanced diet and find your balance in workouts, which will allow you to feel full of energy and keep your body in good shape. And if you want to prove something to yourself, you can go through the four-month hell of Poppy Cross, but only under the supervision of a personal trainer and after consulting a dietician and a doctor!
It is impossible to live in this mode all the time, even if you are a Victoria’s Secret model, as it implies the almost complete absence of family and social life. Moreover, it is unhealthy, and even for “angels” VS such a regime is not permanent.

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