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Italian women.
My first visit to Italy struck me so that, having returned to Moscow, I long could not recover then. The reasons was not in Italian cuisine and the handsome men. I was struck by Italians – ability to dress tastefully, availability of good perfume, jewelry and ability it is correct to carry palatines and scarfs.
Well and footwear, of course! Shoes on naked legs just finished me. It is bellissimo! And beauty demands the victims though under our conditions it is not always possible. To present in Moscow, in +7, the girl, to a coat and on hairpins on naked a leg, a big rarity.
Italians big lovers shopping. In Italy on this case there are biggest autleta, these are just the cities consisting of shops, restaurants and cafe. An integral part of clothes of the Italian is the black dress, black trousers, shirts and a beautiful coat. Italians like to be sexy and for the evening put on open low-necked dresses. In usual everyday life prefer casual since it is convenient and practical for them.
Favourite color – black, but modern Italians do not refuse bright flowers and love multiple layers. Regardless of age of the Italian, it is over, big women of fashion. On streets it is possible to meet women far for 50 in very narrow trousers and boats, with the fur coat thrown shoulders. And, it is over, brilyanty-an indispensable condition for end of an image. Italians look much more young than the European women. Perhaps it is connected with climate or with a way of life which they conduct. There is one more important: regardless of age any respecting Italian once a week visits beauty shop.
Italians have smart hair, heavy, curling, well cut and well-groomed. Well, it is over how not to remember about numerous various, bags, points and the sea of scarves and scarfs which each Italian has in clothes.

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