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Already two years I live in Pondicherry, India. I will be able to tell only about representatives of the southern India as in northern some points are right exactly the opposite). The North of India very much differs from the South.
So, what she is a modern southern Indian?
Secret of beauty of hair

With mother’s milk it absorbs knowledge that the main wealth of the woman – hair. Before each bathing mother does it massage of the head with coconut oil, leaving it then for half an hour – hour. For most of Indians it becomes obligatory ritual for the rest of life therefore rare of them suffers from dandruff or a hair loss. Besides coconut hair oil almond oil, mixes of grass oils and colourless henna is used.
Length of hair of the Indian seldom happens above the middle of a back if only recently the woman did not shave bare for the religious reasons. In such cases hair will be grown to former length. With a hairdress the Indian is not zealous – in most cases it is the simple malvinka which is often decorated with a live jasmine. Sometimes hair gather in a thick long braid. Young girls can carry a flowing hair though it and is not really practical because of a heat.
As Indians put on

In the childhood of girls dress as princesses – beautiful bright dresses with the maximum quantity of spangles, the sparkling sandals and hairpins in hair.
At schools the form – dark wide trousers is obligatory and light one-color honor Curt to knees. Approximately girls and in usual life also put on, only colors vary and wide trousers are sometimes replaced with leggings or jeans. So proceeds years to eighteen. Later there is a division into more well-founded “westernized” and less well-founded “traditional”. “Westernized” Indians prefer a daily set jeans plus a t-shirt or short Curt and put on a sari only on holidays under big pressure from a family, and “traditional” on the contrary begin to carry a sari in eighteen years and any more never remove.
By the way, it is amusing to observe at the airport as “traditional” girls and ladies remain in a sari, but change the shoes in sneakers that it was more convenient to fly. The footwear, by the way, here does not differ in a variety – slaps and barefoot persons, flat and on a small heel.
As for fashion, it exists, but is far not so strong as in the West. And the Indian designers create it, generally. In the Indian Vogue only it is also visible that the magnificent saris shocking with the sizes of ornament, and occasionally coming across evening dresses from the western designers. The only thing that is actively bought from the western goods – it is bags. Well and all gadgets like iPhones and iPads did not avoid India too.
Personal care

The main indicators of beauty – light skin color, big bright eyes, long brilliant hair. The industry of beauty is also focused on it. The most popular saloon procedures – bleaching of skin (bleaching), a wax epilation of hair on all body, manicure, a pedicure and various Spa for hair.
Houses many smear the person with a turmeric, believing that it deletes small hairs from skin. Therefore on the street matrons often meet absolutely yellow faces. Here I do not know that it is worse – hairs or zheltolitsest.
Because of a heat and swarty skin the make-up is not really popular here. The exception is made by all options of an eyeliner which can be applied only on a lower eyelid, only on top, or on all eye.
It is interesting that in one of local salons there are no procedures directed to modeling of a figure. Neither wrappings, nor anti-cellulite massage, any others. The aspiration to the slim tightened figure is still not so strong in minds of modern Indians, and cope with it campaigns in a gym, long walks and, occasionally, swimming in the pool.

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