Incredibly beautiful graffiti on the walls of buildings, educational video

Graffiti (plural [1], in the context of historical inscriptions, the only number is graffiti, from Italian graffito, graffiti) – images or inscriptions, scratched, painted or painted with ink or ink on walls and other surfaces. To graffiti can be attributed any kind of street coloring of walls on which you can find everything: from just written words to exquisite drawings.
In historical science this term has been used for a long time, but in a narrower sense. When it comes to the ancient epigraphic monuments, the concepts of “graffiti” and “dipinti” are divided. If the latter denotes the inscriptions with paint, then “graffiti” is scratched inscriptions (the term itself derives directly from the Italian verb graffiare – “scratch”).
At present, spray art is widely used, that is drawing graffiti using aerosol paint.

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