In the extreme case, we are changing parts of the body of Angels Victoria Secret, shocking truth of the retoucher in some places, gif video
“If the customer is dissatisfied with the result, and we did everything we could with a specific photo, we resorted to the“ dismemberment ”, as it sounded on the internal slang. That is, we took the hands of one model, put the body on another, the legs of the third and the head of the fourth. There are at least 10% of such “combined” photos in each collection. Sometimes they can even be recognized by too unnatural postures of models. ”
“I am very ashamed of what I have been doing for many years. But I am glad that I can now frankly tell about it and address the girls of the whole world: “Do not strive to be like Victoria’s Secret angels! What you see in the photo does not exist! Angels are a myth! ”

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