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Hungarian models.
Hungarian women
When speak about the Hungarian woman… before us often there is an image of the Hungarian in a national dress….
Hungarians – the special people, all their life rotate around a family. The Hungarian mentality, and also the policy and the legislation are directed to that people as soon as possible married. Therefore the Hungarian women generally marry till 25 years. In Hungary all treat love kindly, under the law intimate relations at an obligatory mutual consent are allowed from very early age. Hungary – the country southern, and children ripen very much early. In 20 years in the official marriage relations nearly 90 women from 100 consist.

Hungarians differ in the special relation to a family and children therefore the Hungarian women are very sensual, responsible, lyubyashch and are sincere. The Hungarian women prefer to carry out a Sunday lunch by all family, together with children at restaurant, it is their national tradition. At the same time the age of children does not matter, take in restaurant even the smallest. In the Hungarian family everything rotates around the child and his interests. The real holiday to what it is possible to come all family.
Patriarchal character of families in Hungary
The Hungarian families are patriarchal, it are supported with the modern law. The woman accepts not only a new surname, but also the name of the husband, thus, is emphasized that the woman becomes an integral part of the husband. And the Hungarian wife in many respects tries to follow this tradition. The Hungarian women always claim that her husband – the cleverest, successful, careful, kind and hardworking. But in the house the wife main – she creates a cosiness in the house, directs internal life of a family and economy, raises children.
Hungarian cuisine
The Hungarian hostesses prepare traditional Hungarian dishes, and the most characteristic of them – goulash. Goulash is the dense soups seasoned with chili powder and onions with pieces of beef and cubes of potatoes. For “mitigation” of taste in heavy dishes, in particular, and in goulash, add sour cream; such dish is called paprikash. Chicken paprikash eat with a garnish from small trickled pastries. Also Hungarian hostesses like to cook fish fish-paprikash soups – a rich dish from several grades of boiled fish, tomatoes and green and red pepper, dense soups from cabbage sheets in which they wrap various stuffings, various products from the salty or sweet test and many other things. Hungarian cuisine is very different and women with pleasure indulge it the family.

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