How do guys feel about girls with tattoos Gif video
Some people believe that tattooing is an art, a way of self-expression, a talisman. Others, on the contrary, say that a person who stuffed a tattoo does not respect and defiles his body. Today, tattoos have become very popular, both among guys and girls.
We experimented a bit and conducted a small survey among guys to find out how they actually relate to such pictures on the female body.
Note that a split in opinions exists even among girls: some consider it to be vulgar, ugly, others that it is sexy.
Are you curious to know the results of the survey?
For lovers of tattoos, unfortunately, not very good news. And so most men associate a female tattoo with a girl of easy virtue. As it is banal and jaded would not sound, but such a comparison, probably for a long time will be present in the heads of male representatives.
Many guys believe that the tattoo can still be “approved” while the girl is young. A woman tattoo looks stupid and not according to age. There is also such a thing as “tattoo to face”. This means that the drawing must be in harmony with the appearance, style and behavior of the girl.

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