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Greek women.
Women of Greece
Standard of beauty and grace
Who is she is a woman of Greece? The ordinary woman who will support the center and to raise children? Or the golden-haired goddess, stately, graceful in a tunic and gold jewelry, with a high hairdress, owning sciences and talented in arts? Historians still disagree? How young and married women differed? Whom was a man in a family and whom the woman? At what age of the Greek woman married?
Greek women left, of course, not on love also chose to themselves the spouse. The majority did not see future husband to Fifteen years at all the normal age for the girl’s marriage while to the man for marriage there have to be not less than thirty was considered. Marriage imposed obligations only on one of the parties. After marriage the man did not refuse to himself communication with mistresses and courtesans. He could renounce publicly the and it was already enough to him for divorce provided that he is ready to compensate given.

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