Girls christmas tree 1

Girls christmas tree 2

Girls christmas tree 3

Girls christmas tree 4

Girls christmas tree 5

Girls christmas tree 6

Girls christmas tree.
Christmas – a surprising holiday which already more than one thousand years are celebrated by representatives of many religions of the world. According to a legend, it is connected with birth of the God’s son Jesus Christ born in immaculate conception by the maiden Maria. Its birth is still shrouded in aura of myths and legends, and at each of them is very powerful, from the religious point of view, the proof. However for many of us Christmas is a holiday, far from religion, which is one more reason for a feast. And not everyone thinks of its true value. Meanwhile, the poet Iosif Brodsky in the poem “Christmas Star” tried to unite all data on this important and fatal event, having told, how exactly the son Bozhy was to the world.

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