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German models.
As put on in Germany. Frankfurt am Main.
How put on in Germany, there are some cliches which, in actual fact are relative. It would seem that here to discuss: Germans are ugly, are not able to put on and do not watch appearance. Whether let’s look so at it, perhaps, we will manage to discredit couple of myths.

Popular belief that Germans do not pay the due attention to that as they are dressed, and the main thing for them – convenience. Actually, the German society, being formalized and regulated owing to historical conditions and traditions, shows consideration for clothes and appearance very much. But vector of an orientation of this attention several another. I would tell, the main thing for them – not so much convenience, how many compliance. Paradoxically the fact that in the society of the developed identity, respect of private opinion and a freedom of expression, appearance and clothes submit to criteria of “appropriate”. The rule is such: appearance has to correspond to time of day, an event and the place, a social status, age, a profession, and other. Here perfectly the principle of division of clothes on day and for an exit works in the evening about which all magazines go on. It is not so terrible to come for the evening in kezhuat, it is much worse to appear in the afternoon in “clothes for evening”.

The age and the social status solve a lot of things. Basic rule: than you are more senior, that put on better.
Respectively, quality of style is influenced by a social status. I will not mention low public layers: the unemployed receiving the social help it is uninteresting.
I will begin with students. Young Germans are students and teenagers, both guys, and girls, put on in jeans, make look slender, gym shoes and a scarf.
Many wear gym shoes, having left their student’s age, but all understand their symbolical value. Contrary to ordinary opinion, adult women of middle class do not wear sneakers and backpacks behind the back – it is a prerogative of students even if to the person 30+.
Here it is fashionable to be unfashionable. But also fashionable too to be fashionable. Young girls buy clothes in mass market networks, wear ultrashort shorts in combination with gym shoes and bright undershirts, combine blazers with the rolled-up sleeves with jeans, trousers, is more rare – skirts. Besides, these combinations – for youth. Maturing, girls change clothes.

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