Dry car wash. girls arranged bikini-car wash, gif video
Dry car wash (born chemical car wash, waterless car wash), also known as a polymer or gel wash – a new development in the field of auto chemistry and car cosmetics. Its essence lies in the fact that washing the machine does not require liquid water, but uses a special gel-based tool. After application of the agent, a protective film is formed on the paintwork of the car, which has anti-corrosion properties and an anti-rain effect. The technology of such washing is simple: the detergent is sprayed onto the elements of the body paintwork with a trigger. After 0.5-2 minutes, the pollution is affected in such a way that the dirt softens. Next, the dirt from the body is wiped with a special microfiber cloth. The final step is to polish the body. As a result, a protective film appears on the car, which provides an anti-rain effect and reduces the adhesion of new dirt. Companies that provide dry mobile washing services have long been working in the markets of America, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand. They claim that this method of washing has its advantages for both the client and the environment. First, the mobile car wash helps save time, eliminating the need to stand in line and wait for the car to wash at a stationary car wash. Secondly, the chemical used is biodegradable by 90-100% and allows you to save up to 100 liters of water for washing each machine.

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