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Diet Cross consisted mainly of liquids and expensive supplements and tablets: vitamin-mineral complex, digestive enzymes, BCAA – a complex of amino acids that help the body burn more fat, and SeroSyn – a complex specifically designed to maintain a positive attitude.
Dr. Charles Passler, a Victoria’s Secret nutritionist, put Poppy on a low-carb, high-fat, high-fat diet (keto diet): chicken, fish, or beef at almost every meal! If it was not possible to eat meat, it was replaced with food with an equivalent amount of protein, for example, three eggs replaced one portion of chicken. Products containing sugar, including even fruits, were completely excluded.
For the first month, Cross could eat vegetables. These were mainly vegetables growing “above the ground”: zucchini, lettuce, sprouts (legumes or wheat) and broccoli. But then she had to go on a diet, on which VS models sit down before shows: only fats and protein! In order to maintain the level of energy at the proper level, it was necessary to take two tablespoons of vegetable or butter with each meal. Eating in restaurants or at home holidays has become very difficult.
After each workout, a protein shake based on coconut water or almond milk plus a protein bar as a snack was required. All training took place on an empty stomach. Before classes, you could drink black coffee or water, which was added vitamin and mineral powder.
In order for the calories not to settle in the form of fat, the last meal was at six o’clock in the evening. Alcohol was completely banned.
By the end of the experiment, Poppy Cross almost lost weight, but at the same time her clothes decreased by at least one size. In the waist, the girl lost 5 cm, and the volume of the breast, unfortunately, also decreased by one size. In addition to external physical changes, internal ones also occurred: due to a diet low in carbohydrates (with the complete exception of “fast” ones), cholesterol levels dropped significantly.
In order to obtain such results, it took a ridiculously small amount of time, but very large physical and psychological efforts.

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