Chemistry for car washes. girls arranged bikini-car wash, gif video
Chemistry for car washes called detergents. This is a simplified collective name for detergents used by car washes. A more correct name for the actual detergents – contactless shampoo, active foam. In addition to washing car washes, a large number of different products are used: glass cleaners, special detergents for the engine, disks, passenger compartment, headlights, bitumen stains, insect traces, grease films, etc. In Russia, alkaline products are most common as detergents. Abroad, detergents with an acidic pH are also used, such active foams easily remove plaque of hardness salts from the car body. The production of detergents for car washes is well developed in Russia, currently the share of imported products is rapidly falling due to their high cost (up to 2-5 times) with the same efficiency and safety with products of leading domestic manufacturers.

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