Car wash with girls, tunnel car wash, gif video
Tunnel car wash (conveyor) It is a tunnel in which several fixed arches are installed, each of which performs its function: a brush station, a polishing station, a frame equipped with high-pressure nozzles, etc. In essence, this is a conveyor belt, through automobiles that a car pulls through a conveyor belt, passing through various washing machines. The output is a clean, almost dry car in a very short time, because the capacity of such car washes is up to 120 cars per hour. The first automatic conveyor-type washers appeared in the 1930s. The modularity underlying the design of conveyor car washes allows you to create variants for different requirements and budget of the customer. The price of a specific conveyor car wash project depends on the length and variety of the washing equipment included in the ordered equipment. Tunnel car washes can include a preliminary and main wash zone, a system for washing wheels and thresholds (including using high pressure), a rinsing, polishing and drying zone, as well as washing or drying with oscillating textile bands and much more. The advantages of a tunnel car wash can be attributed to high speed, even compared to a portal car wash, since several cars can be on the conveyor at once.

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