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Beautiful russian model.
Secret of unrestrained Russian temper – in the special mental superstructure peculiar only to ours geographical historically to a unique forest-steppe landscape. The mental superstructure is not congenital, it is put by society in which the person grows. So, given rise and grown in England, whatever vektoralny set it was, will possess a certain share of the skin pragmatism and a practicality peculiar to the western skin mentality. The same mental superstructure is got by residents of any other European country and the USA.

The mysterious Russian soul is defined absolutely by other, special, urethral and muscular superstructure. In mentality of the Russian people, providing it special outlook and perception, urethral properties steppe outlaws and unrestrained temper of nomads joined. It so sharply distinguishes Russians from representatives of other nationalities, and also provides them absolutely other way of development, other than others.
Many Russian women, having an urethral and muscular mental superstructure, show the same will, I am eager for life, depth of moral search, as any Russian person.

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