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Red-haired people has always been the reason for the birth of many myths. And this took place in ancient times. Some of the myths about girls with red hair are funny, some are strange and some are even very offensive, but none of them is clearly untrue. Thus, do not worry and shy about their unusual and outstanding appearance. Because these myths has long been subject to debunking. They are so ridiculous and ancient.


Many centuries ago it was believed that red, when you die, become vampires. And this opinion about girls with red hair and not only adhered to the ancient Greeks. Still unknown, where did this myth. But definitely it can’t be true because it is scientifically proven that red shade of hair – it’s just the result of pigmentation.


There is such a stupid myth, rather, the village bike, the conception of a girl with red hair and redheads in General all occurs during menstruation. No evidence that scientists failed to detect. It is known that getting pregnant during menstruation is impossible, since in this period is the destruction and excretion of matured oocytes. However, there are still some ignorant people continue to stick to this version. Maybe they’re just jealous.


Ancient Egyptians considered redheads to be so unlucky and unlucky that I prefer them to sacrifice, hoping that this will help prevent the losing streak, which they were pursued, and at the same time to attract good luck. Who would have thought that killing will be only for hair colour. On the other hand, on the contrary, the Romans believed that red people bring luck, but because it is the girls with red hair prefer to buy as slaves, and at the same time and talismans for good luck.


It is believed that people with red hair have a sensuous nature and a short temper. Myth or truth? Hard to say. For centuries it was believed that redheads have a fiery temper and a very strong sex drive, i.e. libido. Serious research on this topic was conducted. Surely it is not the colour of the hair, and in person. And hardly anyone will think to the correct character.

Red and bees:

It is believed that bees are much more likely to bite red-haired people, although the science is not yet able to prove. And hardly anyone would agree to voluntarily expose themselves under the attack of the bees, and then calculate how many bites of their influence from blondes, brunettes and redheads. Meanwhile, according to some redheads, they do often bite the bees. There is a true fact that red haired people need to enter a lot more anesthetic during various invasive procedures, and that they suffer worse pain. To be ozhzhet, these facts are somehow connected.


Tough times prevailed in the middle ages, and God forbid that the family was born a Redhead girl, red child. The Spanish Inquisition it automatically added to the kidnappers hell-fire. Red was considered to be sorcerers and witches, and therefore was subject to the indispensable burning at the stake. Fortunately, those grim days are gone, but some prejudices about redheads left.


It is believed that ultimately all people will become gray-haired, and the same fate befall the ginger population of the world. However, there is good news for redheads. Their hair will become a beautiful shade of blonde. And, while everyone will inevitably go gray-headed, will get luxurious hair color blonde.

The most conspicuous color of hair is red, isn’t it? First, red hair is the rarest. In addition, red hair come in different shades. Copper hair color is also ranked as red. Of redheads gathered enough information to talk about it.

*1% -2% of the population of the whole world – red. Out of 100 people – two of them.
*The ancient Greeks believed that redheads become after death vampires.
*In the middle ages in England believed that ginger kids was conceived during the menstrual cycle in women. These children were called “red custom”.
*In the seventh-eighth centuries, when witches were caught, to burn them at the stake, sought, above all, red women.
*In Ancient Rome, redheaded slaves were valued higher and was more expensive.
*Red hair is not turning gray, like the hair of a different color. Red with age you become a blonde and then their hair turn white.
*Red two times more susceptible to Parkinson’s than others.
*Mark TWAIN once joked: “If the majority of people are descended from apes, redheads are descended from cats.”
*Hitler was forbidden to have children red parents, believing that the way to prevent the birth of perverts.
*Master at making potions George Chapman (19th century) believed that the perfect poison must include the fat red man.
*Red hair have the recessive trait, that is, if the grandfather was a redhead, his son, dark — haired man, and the grandson may be red.
*Red, due to the same recessive characteristics more often left-handed.
*The researchers suggest that the first man was red.
*Red-haired woman is considered to be particularly temperamental.
*Michelangelo in the Cathedral of St. Paul drew eve before the fall, a blonde and a redhead at the same time. After the fall and expulsion from Paradise, the artist has depicted eve redhead.
*There are red dogs.
*The last social survey of people with red hair showed that 71% of them consider themselves brave.
*Researchers believe that glow in red talking about the pain threshold.
*It is widely believed that red, for 100 years, will disappear from the face of the Earth. But National Geographic recently published a study that the gene responsible for red color, can not disappear.
*In Scotland the highest percentage of redheads in the world – 13%, Irish – 10%.
*In the US, about 18 million redheads, who make up about 6% of the total population.
*Ginger is not recommended even short-term exposure to UV rays. They can get cancer of the skin.
*There is a movement called “Ryutopia” acting against the prejudice against ginger people.
*Association of dentists USA conducted a study and found that red less all the others visit a dental clinic.
*Despite the fact that not many redheads in the world, many of them have made a significant contribution to the history of mankind: the Roman Emperor Nero, Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I, Napoleon, Oliver Cromwell, Emily Dickinson, Antonio Vivaldi, Thomas Jefferson, Vincent van Gogh, mark TWAIN, James Joyce, Winston Churchill, Galileo Galilei.
*The myth that red — nervous people, was not confirmed

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