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His research on the theme: “blondes or brunettes” held company “Garnier” and announced the survey results. It turned out that 81% of participants felt more sincere brunettes than blondes. But 76% say that they are not only honest, but also smarter. Of all respondents, 60% praised the dark-haired women, noting their ability to handle stress. Unfortunately, most psychologists are also not on the side of blondes. According to psychologist Stephen Lerner: “hair Color determines a person’s character, a beautiful blonde most beautiful blondes Who or brunamcilwain have high self-esteem. Why they are so demanding and Moody.” With such statements we can agree, the researchers performed a thorough analysis on the gathered information, having come to such conclusions. But still, the question of who is prettier blonde or brunette, it seems unfinished. Leading examples are confusing. In fact, statistics show one thing, but reality another.

Of course, the brunette without makeup cause a sensual emotion from languid “deer eyes” and long, silky hair. But the blonde immediately associated with purity, innocence, spontaneity. The appeal of blondes unchanged, especially convincing when you look at their thin, tender skin and light eyes. The soul is filled with such warmth that it becomes clear why men are so eager to protect its lovely blond from the universal grief. These feelings the woman brings since early childhood, when everyone admired her blond curls and celestial eyes, minus only one — they are automatically transferred into the adult woman’s life.

The blonde was in fashion since ancient times. In Ancient Rome and Greece women tried to lighten their tresses. And as nature has given them dark hair, then in the course were any tricks. For example, they greased strand by strand goat fat (donkey urine, ashes), and spent hours under the scorching sun. Maybe that’s why a fairy Princess, a famous actress, singer and what is there to hide, “the main woman in the world” virgin Madonna – angelic blonde. Perhaps this is the only argument in favor of white-haired women, the rest they have been released from their Who is prettier blonde or brunetki.

Rather, blondes spoiled time and “their age”, which gave them many privileges that belonged to them by right. But these advantages are spoiled by our blondes, maybe that’s why they lost their vigilance, and smart brunettes ousted them from the throne.

There is a powerful argument, in which it becomes clear why blondes and brunettes, so different in their behavior and attitudes. Scientists say that color of hair affect our hormones. For example, blondes prevalent in the body estrogen and brunettes “male hormone” — testosterone. He gives a dark-haired woman some masculine traits. That’s why they are so praised for more vigorous activity, stress tolerance, decisiveness, independence – all men’s quality. Blondes in turn a more “feminine” approach, so they often behave passively. They do not understand the aggressiveness and militancy. Men get “estrogen” women, why they are so attracted to blonde ladies. But life Duo in most they are dark as active life position, intelligence, sociability allows you to knock them common place “under the sun” and “partnership” on an equal footing to build the future.

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