Automatic contactless car wash, gif video girls with a motorcycle
Automatic contactless car wash
This is also a purely American model of car wash.
The difference with the automatic contact is the absence of any tools that are in direct contact with the car.
The principle of operation of this car wash is based on washing only with water.
It is served under tremendous pressure.
The advantage of this type of car washes is the complete automatism of the entire washing cycle.
The only employee here is the cashier.
That is, the human factor is completely excluded, allowing the temptation to save on detergents and electricity, the fatigue of the washer, his inexperience, and, in the end, subjective perception.
Unfortunately, this car wash is not ideal either: its main drawback is that the water is not capable of removing strong and stubborn dirt, and if the seals or gum are “limping”, then the water will surely get inside the cabin.

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