19 unforgettable tricks to surprise your friend, video mood

Let’s add some magic to everyday life! In this video you will find 19 cool, magical tricks that will surprise your friends! Materials and tools: • Forks • Glass • Toothpick • Matches • Tea bags • Wooden cubes • Picture • Glue • Adhesive tape • Round candle • Paper • Plastic cup • Plastic tube • Plastic ball • Hot-melt gun • Napkins • Felt-tip pens • Scissors • Plastic tubules • Maps • Glue • Balloon • Thread • Plastic pipe • Cloth • Spoon • Cardboard • Colored paper • Satin ribbons • Gum • Ring • Plate
Fun and exciting video viewing, where you can surprise the tricks and tricks with which you can amaze and surprise your friends and acquaintances. Leave your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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  1. I love magic tricks! Love them since childhood, when I had the first time going to the circus. Impressions then were very many. Then she was trying to try myself in this matter, but I have no such talent. But look at the masters of this genre I really love. To look and think about how it was made and what is the secret.

  2. In any focus the most important thing is sleight of hand and used to automaticity of action. This is an excellent show that can surprise as their friends, and entire concert halls. in childhood tried to learn simple card tricks, some of them even worked.

  3. Who doesn’t love magic tricks? Yes, a little, probably such. It’s a very interesting and fascinating occupation – to look for the catch, not the ability to believe in a miracle. But in fact just sleight of hand and elaborate steps and long preparation. Itself in childhood tried it – it worked))).

  4. Tricks me in my childhood that showed me my dad, since I love to watch the TV show associated with magic, illusion.

  5. Magic is always a surprise and you want to know how to make there are also people who are simply masters of their craft and you just wonder how so this is something you just don’t understand but of course if you think about it you can understand and razgodat I have friends magicians but they always say if once focus use second naokazu.

  6. I love magic tricks. Tricks always look impressive and very beautiful, I from the childhood dreamed to learn to do magic tricks, but see nothing. Magic is an illusion, it’s a great hobby that would entertain and delight both adults and children.

  7. The storm girls, if you know the tricks and know how to show them that among the guys you will not be equal, even the jocks pale in comparison to you! Any girl interested in magic: -) Great hobby, magic will always be alive.

  8. I also love card tricks. Fun to watch, and show your friends).

  9. I tricks of zanimalsa 4 years, and for beginners, initially hard, but they tend to take over when the master, God, then you will understand why it’s for you. I’ve got 3 more books about the magic… It’s a long lesson, and hlopotnoe. Not all poluchitsa. There is no deception, only sleight of hand. Inogda tricks dangerous)))) Well, if profesionalna point of view it may looks not very good, and with the Amateur exactly. I recommend!).

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